16 reasons to love Tirana and its people

  1. It is the center of cultural life of all Albanians in the region (including those in Kosovo, Macedonia Montenegro etc).
  2. The liveliest city with a high number of young people (nightlife)
  3. The place of best restaurants, fine dining and agritourism and all kind of cuisine
  4. The center of Albanian art, of best museums, and galleries etc
  5. The place with perfect climate for any tourists, 300 sunny days, some rain, rarely snow (you can visit it in every season)
  6. The city with the mountain and the sea in the same distance
  7. The city with the highest number of people speaking foreign languages
  8. The city of huge contrasts, mixed architecture
  9. The city where the traces of communism past are still so evident
  10. The best place for shopping for everyone
  11. The city where you can do outdoor activities, hiking, climbing, exploring nature
  12. The city is friendly for bike lovers
  13. The city where you can find the biggest Churches and Mosques and Tekkes (religious tolerance)
  14. The city with biggest pedestrian square in Balkans (Skanderbeg Square)
  15. The city with the highest number of coffee bar per population
  16. The city with very hospitable and friendly people toward foreigners

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