Embroidery and handcrafts experience in Tirana

  • Embroidery is one of the most beautiful and at the same time therapeutic arts and we will learn this together in an embroidery shop in Tirana. The guide will meet with you and accompany you the whole time. One of the ladies will teach you the initial steps of embroidery. At the end of this experience you will be able to take your creation home with you. We will also take some photos for you during this process to have it as a memory.

    You can embroider a dedication with your initials, a flower or something else. You will take the work you did with you as a beautiful souvenir from your trip to Tirana.

    Duration: 2 hours
    1 person 60 euros
    2-4 people/ 50 euros each
    over 5 people/ 35 euros each
    Included: Guide, photos, history of the handmade creation by the craftsman

    New Bazaar




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