Besh-Livadhi Waterfall in Tirana

  • The Waterfall of Besh-Livadhi is situated in the brook that passes near the village of Besh-Livadh. It has a height of over 10 meters and in the spring season there are large water flows. The cliffs that pass through are layered and look like tiled tiles on top of each other. The waterfall is hidden in a green vegetation oasis and is not easy to find. To go up there you have to follow the road from Tirana to the village of Besh near the ‘Shkallët e Tujanit’. The road is asphalted on 3/4 of it and then proceeds to the rural road. There are no orientation signs and only a few outdoor guides know this waterfall.

    Photo and information are courtesy of Albert Cmeta in his Album #TiranaThroughLens




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