Getting to Tirana

Tirana is situated in the heart of Albania, so you can come here easy from all the directions. The aeroport is so close the city, just 20 minutes away. But you can get here by bus, by ferry, by car or by taxi. It depends on you!

Tirana flights

Tirana’s Nënë Tereza (Mother Teresa) airport,17km northwest of Tirana, is a 30 minute drive…

Mother Teresa Airport

Public bus Tirana

You can come with bus from all neighboring countries: Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia and Greeece.

Tirana travel By Car

Driving to Albania is an option now that roads and safety have greatly improved…

Tirana travel by ferry

There are ferry lines from several Italian cities to the ports of Durrës, Shengjin…

Tirana trip by foot

Tirana is a big city, but the most important things you have to see,…

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