What to do in June in Tirana

Welcome Summer! June is the first month of summer and probably the busiest month in Tirana. Citizens rush to finish their last work and projects before starting their vacations. It is the last month of the academic year, so the city is full of students. On the other hand, tourists prefer summer months to flock to Tirana and Albania. Tirana is most visited in June, while in July and August, the city is quieter because people go to the beach.

What to do in June?

The month starts with the festivities for kids, the Children’s Day, 1st June. If you travel with kids, from Skanderbeg Square to Tirana Lake, many events will be dedicated to children, such as plays, paintings, music, etc.

International Cultural Weeks continue in June with the weeks of Italy (2-8 June), Israel (9-13 June) and Brazil (21-29 June). Events from the cultural traditions of this country will be shown in different places, in open spaces, in theaters, in music shows, etc. See more here: JKN

Other events you can follow at the Theater of Opera and Ballet, which has a full calendar of events for the whole month, or if you are a fan of Theater Shows, at ArTurbina, there is an everyday show to watch.

Where to go?

The highlight of the month is the outdoor tourism. Tirana has a beautiful green surrounding area, and we suggest exploring the villages of Petrela, Baldushk, Farka, or Vaqarr. You can see nature and find an agrotourism restaurant to enjoy the best Albanian food. Believe us, everywhere you go around Tirana, agritourism is scattered in all the nearby villages. Dajti Mount is always the best outdoor option. Don’t forget to visit the Adventure Park, and enjoy playing there.

The Swimming pools?

Well, it is time to cool off in the waters around Tirana. You can go by river, to Erzeni River, or to Durres beach, also 30 minutes away from Tirana. You can also explore many swimming pools outside or even in the city, such as Aquadrom.

Culture tourism

We suggest visiting the Museum of the Army in Berzhite this month. It is a fantastic collection of our history of the army and a beautiful area to explore.

Other tours we suggest are experiences such as folk dances, tours that involve living like locals, experiences of embroidery and wine, and Raki tours.


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