Zoo Park Tirana

  • Tirana Zoo was established in 1966. It is the only zoo in the country, and is administered by Tirana Municipality. It is located in Tirana’s Green Park, next to the botanical gardens. Together with Grand Park and the Lake these comprise the green crown of the city.

    The Zoo Park Tirana was reopened in June, 2022 after revitalization with more animals and species within a much bigger space.

    Zoo Park Tirana it’s open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 09.00-20.00. The last entrance at the Zoo at 19.30. During week and also on Mondays the Zoo Park Tirana is closed from 14.30-16.30.

    For Adults:
    Full price: 300 ALL
    Half price: 200

    For children
    Full price: 200 ALL
    Half price: 100

    For students 50 % the price


    Tuesday to Sunday

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