What to do in Vaqarr Tirane

  • From discovering the cultural sights and ancient findings, spending the day at the lakes, here are some reasons to visit the area of Vaqarr in Tirana.

    Vaqarr is located about 6 km away from Tirana, in its south-western part. The villages lie geographically on fields and hills, with an average altitude of about 150 m above the sea level. Most of them are built in fields and the locals are known for cultivating different crops, such as: fodder, crops, and vegetables of different types.

    The area has been inhabited since antiquity based on the castles and other archaeological findings. Craved and decorated stones, and a title with a commemorative inscription were found in the area called “the hill of church”, proving that Vaqarr is an early dwelling place. Other archaeological findings that date since the first century are: an inscription revealed in the Prush village, an old tomb tile made of limestone found in Lam village and an upper part of a limestone hovel discovered in Allgjate.

    One of the most famous castles in Vaqarr is Lalmi Castle(also known as Bixhit Castle), located on pyramid hill. The castle was built around the fourth century after Christ. Besides castles, Vaqarr is known for monoliths such as “The monolith of artillery in Arbana” and “The monolith of the creation of the second partisan Battalion – Peza group”.

    The forest covers a considerable surface of the region making nature the main reasons to visit Vaqarr. In Vaqarr you can find one of the thickest and special types of pine. You can also visit the artificial lakes of Prushi and Fortuzaj, which are surrounded with green vegetation and trees.


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