Vali Cave in Tirana

  • The Vali Cave is located in the village of Shengjergj in Tirana municipality. The Cave is natural monument protected by the National Agency of Protected Areas. This is a really special cave. In this cave ends the river of Biza. The river flows at the entrance of the cave and then disappears in the in the depths of the earth. The cave itself is mostly dry. Only when it rains heavy the cave is filled with water. The water enters with force into the cave and then disappears through the underground labyrinths inside the cave. This phenomenon is very interesting to see it closely. When the cave is dry at the bottom of it creates a small pond. It has a length of over 250 m, width 35 meters and a height of up to 25 meters. It has no stalactites and stalactites or there are in the first stages. To visit it you should follow the road Tirana – Dajti – Mali me Gropa – Bizë – Val, where you can also see the other monument of nature, the karst landscape of Mali me Gropa (Mount with Holes). There are no orientation marks and it’s not very popular for tour guides.

    Photo and information are courtesy of Albert Cmeta in his Album #TiranaThroughLens.

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