Turtles Pizza

  • Welcome to Turtles Pizza!

    We offer you not just an ordinary pizza you can find anywhere. Not at all! The uniqueness of our dishes lies not only in the different portions we can offer but also in the significant variation of the menu and innovative recipes. The surprise lies in the fact that this restaurant opened in April 2023 in the busy Blloku area and has gained popularity quickly.

    This fact guarantees the taste of the food we offer and fast and very high-quality customer service. The pizzeria’s very name is symbolic and attractive, especially for our childhood. “Turtles Pizza” specifically refers to the famous cartoon ‘Ninja Turtles’ and the characters’ great love for pizza. Therefore, come to Turtles Pizza if you want to leap into the past and enjoy something worth it!

    Perlat Rexhepi Street, Ish Blloku, Tirana


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