Stone bridge of Beshir

  • The bridge on Erzen river was built by the family of the biggest traders, Beshiri. The relatively large five-arched bridge was built in 1848 in the name of five sons of Haxhi Selman Beshiri, but indeed it was built by expenses of the fourth brother, Haxhi Ali Beshiri. This bridge served that rich merchant for the transport of goods from Tirana to Durres and vice versa. After a while the bridge was ruined by the river. In 1851 Ali Beshiri financed its reconstruction. The bridge that was put into service of the public enhanced the popularity of Beshiri family. However, the adversaries of Ali Beshiri organized the latter’s murder on 14 February 1852 exactly in the place where he was supervising works for its construction. Beshiri family members reconstructed the bridge for the third time in 1859 and this bridge remained there until it was destroyed during the Second World War. The new concrete bridge built in 1945 is still referred to by the area population as “Beshir’s Bridge”.


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