Shengjergji Waterfall in Tirana

  • Shengjergji Waterfall is another treasure of nature in Tirana surroundings. It is situated near the village Shegjin, in Shengjergj district, Tirana. Everyone can reach there, because the road is in good condition, and you can go by car.

    This nature’s little miracle was hidden among mountains for long time, and only the nearby residents and villagers knew its existence.  After that publication, the first tour guides and explorers started to visit this place and send tourists there. Now it become for sure a touristic destination and with clear marked signs even for unguided visitors.

    The water to Shengjergji Waterfall comes from Mali me Gropa, and while the water falls down, it creates one of the stream flowing to the river Erzen. The altitudes of the Waterfall is 30 meters high, while it flow in spirals through different funnels which are not visible for the eyes of visitors. The rock formation around the Waterfall is very interesting with different colorful layers, where the red color is dominant. The best moment to visit it is the Spring and Autumn, where it displays it’s amazing beauty surrounded by variety of colors.

    Shengjergj Village




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