Reka Pastry

  • The sweetest place in Tirana! Almost centuries-old traditions and unique tastes!

    Here you will not find only a place for a sweet tooth, but history and tradition around 93 years. Reka Pastry, is with a long tradition inherited from 1924, now is return back with two pastry shops in Tirana, the shop 1 is located on Komuna Parisit neighborhood and the shop 2 is at the New Bazaar. The pastry was founded by Mustafa Reka and now is owned and managed by two his great grandchildren, Enes and Sidit Reka. Back then, the pastry become famous of the wedding cake of King Zog, where among guests was King Faruk of Egypt, delighted by the delicious cake prepared by Mustafa Reka he decided to order 25000 kg llokume for his wedding.

    Nowadays, the pastry is still famous for its flavor desserts such: wedding cakes, birthday cakes, ice creams and all traditional desserts.

    Each cake is made with the greatest love using all the magic of colors and shapes that you yourself order for your little ones!

    Medar Shtylla Street, Komuna e Parisit, Tirana


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