Habitat Restaurant in Tirana

  • Food is a very important part of our life. That’s why we suggest the best when we talk about restaurants with good cooking and excellent service. Right in the Habitat Hotel is the Habitat Restaurant with a varied menu, specializing in Italian cuisine and their seafood. If you don’t believe us, trust the reviews from people from all over the world who still remember it as one of the best restaurants in Tirana. Elegant environment, exceptional food, welcoming staff, it has it all. If you are vegetarian and have any concerns about the food, Habitat restaurant has that part covered, because their menu also serves many foods based on vegetarian cuisine.
    If you pass through Tirana and want to have a nice meal, give yourself a chance to try Habitat Restaurant, trust us, you won’t regret it!

    Rr. Kavajes, Kompleksi Delijorgji





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