Farka lake tour in Tirana

  • The Farka village is 8 km far from the center of Tirana to its East, it took its name from farkëtar -blacksmith, so it is called the Village of blacksmith.

    In the heart of the village is a beautiful lake, having the same name, Farka Lake.  This lake now is surrounded with a very modern pedestrian street, where people can walk for miles around the lake, and enjoy its view in 360 grade. You can seat and have a rest for a while in the benches around the lake, and continues your walk.

    It is an ideal place for a picnic. All the area is green, and you can sit on the ground, and eating a perfect lunch with your family. During the weekend it is one of the most populated places. It is very close to Tirana, near Sauk, and it is easy to go, because the road is very good.

    But we suggest it not only for family holidays, but for bikers and adventure lovers as well. The place is ideal for riding a bike and it can be an amazing trip around the lake.

    There are not bars, or restaurants, since the Municipality has decided not to spoil the area. So be sure to take water and food in your bag, because all the Farka Lake region can offer is just a peaceful relax with a Lake View. What you need more?

    8 km from Tirana

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