Experience olive products with all your senses

  • It is a unique experience that everyone must try while visiting Tirana.

    Pick up at Pedestrian Street Toptani. Continue to Subashi Shop, Castle of Tirana. The owner explains the autochthonous variety of olives in Tirana and how all the products in this shop are made.

    Then, all participants will be invited to choose one of the four activities below, work independently, and make products with their hands.

    – Activity 1. Please choose the one you prefer among many herbs and merge them in a bottle with extra virgin olive oil. This is aromatic olive oil which can be used in the kitchen

    – Activity 2. Produce a cosmetic product with olive oil and other items provided in the shop and explained by the owner. This product can be used for face and body lotion, hand massage etc

    – Activity 3. Preparing a pate with olive cream, which can be consumed in the shop with a piece of bread or takeaway

    – Activity 4. Making pyrography in the olive wood. They can learn to put their name, initials, or dedication on a necklace, bracelet, etc.






    Please book one week before


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