Cyclop’s Eye in Tirana

  • Cyclops Eye has become one of the most amusing and relaxing tourist destinations in Tirana. This natural pearl, hidden in the Krraba outfall, attracts everyday a number of visitors and adventure-lovers willing to face the wild nature. The small cataracts unified by the multitude of rocky formations create a panorama that is hardly found anywhere else. Beside the stunning view Cyclops Eye offers the opportunity to take a bath during those hot days. Another advantage of this tourist destination is its location in proximity of Tirana, reachable with low cost of transportation.

    How to get there?

    To go to the Cyclops Eye, in Albanian “Syri i Cikllopit”, you have to pass through a narrow path for about 1 hour by walking from the village of Krraba. Maybe it seems a little bit difficult to go there, but the views are worth to take this road. The path to the heart of Cyclops requires an adventure soul and willpower because the terrain in this area is a little difficult and you should be in good shape and health in order to become part of this journey. This is a good opportunity of tourism, where you can do hiking, bathing, and a fantastic way to replace swimming pools with natural ones. But to reach fast the destination, it’s better to have a licensed guide.

    What the legend says?

    According to legend, the Cyclops during a duel fight with the beast, he fell out from the abyss and lost an eye and his heart. His eye and heart create a basin with cold water, where you can dive in 5 meters depths.

    Old national road Tirana-Elbasan, 4 km from the Village




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