Tirana City Transport

Tirana is bustling city, and has more than 20 bus lines. But it doesn’t have a terminal yet. All bus stations are located around Tirana Center, From Kulla Sahatit, to Piazza, behind the Cultural Palace, Behind National Museum, close to National Bank, close to Rruga e Kavajes and Rruga e Elbasanit. The ticket is 40 leke. You can find a public bus from 6 AM-11 PM. It takes 3-10 minutes to wait at bus stops for the next bus.



Here are the urban bus lines:

  1. Kombinat-Kinostudio
  2. Uzina Dinamo-Sharrë
  3. Porcelan
  4. Sauk
  5. Lapraka
  6. Uzina e Traktorëve
  7. Institut
  8. Tirana e Re
  9. Unaza
  10. Kristal
  11. Tirana Zoo
  12. Kamëz
  13. Vorë
  14. Bërzhitë
  15. Sharrë
  16. Kashar
  17. Babrrujë
  18. Ndroq
  19. Linzë
  20. Mjull-BathoreIn addition, there are several bus lines linking Tirana to several shopping centers in the suburbs:Citypark


    Casa Italia

    Tirana East Gate

    Rinas Express

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