The half-life of Marie Curie

The Half-Life of Marie Curie is a powerful and inspiring drama that unfolds the life and challenges of one of history’s most outstanding scientists, Marie Curie.

In the spotlight is the deep friendship between Marie Curie and the scientist Hertha Ayrton, who played a crucial role in supporting Curie during a difficult period of her life.

The drama reveals the challenges Curie faced during her career, including sexism in the scientific community and personal scandals that threatened to destroy her reputation.

This drama is a beautiful tribute to Marie Curie’s strength, courage, and passion, showing how she and Hertha Ayrton broke barriers and changed the world through science. It is a powerful reminder of the importance of mutual support and the power of friendship to overcome obstacles.

Behind the National Historical Museum

29/02/2024 – 24/03/2024


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