Nik West Show

The vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Nik West presents her much anticipated 2nd album, “Moody”, a wide-angle interpretation of everything she’s picked up in life along the way. Musically and lyrically speaking, West moves effortlessly between genres. Her production gives you the maximum ear candy complete with a live band and horn section “Funk For The People”and “Boom Baby Boom”, minimalistic sounds like pop charged “A man” and “Moody”, Or balls-to-the-wall rock “Bitter End” and “We Can Do It”, the all female rock anthem featuring Cindy Blackman-Santana and Larissa Basillo. Her ability to create different blends puts her in a league with other genre defying artists like Prince, Lizzo, and Bruno Mars.

Rruga Kont Urani, Tirana

20/07/2024 –


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