DEA Open Air Festival

On June 9 to 13, 2024, the DEA OPEN AIR International Film Festival will hold its eleventh edition in the capital!

After five successful years in Saranda, DEA is coming this year for the sixth time to Tirana, to share the European film offer and professional expertise with the public, students and filmmakers of the capital!

DEA remains OPEN AIR this year as well. The evening program of the festival’s main competition, the Feature Film, is offered at the DEA OPEN AIR

Cinema 1 – in the Amphitheater of the University of the Arts.

In the Cinema DEA OPEN AIR 1 – in the Amphitheater of the University of Arts, the official Opening Ceremony as well as the Awards Gala Evening of the XI Edition of the DEA OPEN AIR International Film Festival Tirana – 2024 are organized.

The afternoon program of the main competition of the festival, the Feature Film as well as the Documentary Film, Short Film and Documentary Film programs will be offered at the DEA OPEN AIR

2 Cinema – BLACK BOX Hall of the University of Arts, while the Cine KO program, with a focus on Kosovar cinema, will be offered at COD (Center for Openness and Dialogue for Openness and Dialogue). All participants have applied on the Film Freeway and Festhome platforms or directly at the Festival address. Applicants come not only from European countries, but also beyond, giving the application – as in previous editions – intercontinental geography. The films presented and the authors participating in the competition have first been subjected to the preliminary selection of the international commissions, closed at the end of March.

In the competition for the DEA Awards, the preliminary selection commissions have decided to include in this year’s program a total of 39 films from 25 countries of the world, of which 6 in the Feature Film Section or the main competition, 19 in the Short Film Section, 11 in the Student Film Section and 3 in the Cine KO program, with a focus on Kosovar cinema.

The Eleventh Edition of the International Film Festival DEA OPEN AIR takes place with the support of the Municipality of Tirana, the National Center of Cinematography, the Ministry of Economy, Culture and Innovation of the Republic of Albania, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Kosovo and the University of Arts , who create the necessary welcoming atmosphere for artistic flows and civic contributions from around the world.

Cinema specialists, directors of several European film festivals, actors, directors, producers, but also industry representatives, critics, researchers and invited journalists, give the activity the liveliness and multidimensional communication that cinema always promises and delivers.

The program:

3. DEA 2024 – PROGRAM

Universiteti i Arteve

09/06/2024 – 13/06/2024


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