Celebrating 7- 8 March at Vox Palace Bouzoukia Live

Welcome to Vox Palace Bouzoukia Live-a place where Rhythm meets Emotions!

Our Bouzoukia Live Music Club is a vibrant & spirited venue that captures the essence of Greek nightlife and Albanian traditional music.

The performances feature talented musicians and singers, creating an energetic and memorable experience for visitors.

Every Friday and Saturday at 23:00 hrs, we invite you and your guest groups to emerge in the lively atmosphere, enjoying the music and dancing while savoring food and drinks.

Management Team
Vox Palace Bouzoukia Live
Rruga e Kavajes

Fabrika e Birres,

Tirana – Albania
Tel :+355 69 20 98 870

Kavaja Street

07/03/2024 – 08/03/2024


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