Albanian Guitar Festival

All music enthusiasts will embark on an exciting journey into the world of sounds and virtuosity. This festival gathers under one roof musicians from all over the world to share a common passion for the guitar and showcase their talents before the Albanian audience. In this edition, a wonderful spectacle of classical music performances, flamenco, and other guitar styles is expected to be enjoyed, bringing the experience of an unparalleled musical journey. With a careful selection of artists and various activities, the festival provides a platform for both young and established musicians to share their experiences, unite the guitar community, and inspire future generations. Through workshops, masterclasses, and concerts, participants will have the opportunity to discover the latest techniques, develop their skills, and explore the diversity of guitar music. It will be a true celebration for music lovers, bringing together the feeling of passion and appreciation for the beauty of the guitar.

Salla e Koncerteve “Tonin Harapi”

27/06/2024 – 27/06/2024


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