104th anniversary of Tirana Capital

On February 11, we celebrate the anniversary of Tirana, the Capital. It was precisely the year 1920 when Tirana was decided to be temporarily declared the capital of Albania due to the tense situations at that time. In Tirana there were no foreign invading forces, the geographical position was favorable, the patriotism of the people was very high, and there were some buildings that could be turned into offices.

The government that emerged from the Congress of Lushnja in January 1920 arrived on February 11, 1920, in Tirana.

The people of Tirana enthusiastically welcomed the High Council and the Government, which was installed in the building where the people of Tirana had raised the flag in 1912. In 1922, Tirana was separated as a sub-prefecture from the prefecture of Durrës and became a separate prefecture.

Tirana was announced as the permanent capital in 2025.

But 11 February 1920 is recognized as the day of the Declaration of Tirana as the Capital of Albania. Many celebrations and activities are organized during this day in Tirana. Stay tuned for more…


Skanderbeg Square

11/02/2024 – 11/02/2024


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