Over the last decade, Tirana has been embracing all kinds of sports. If you like to climb mountains, swim, play tennis, ride a horse, you can always find the right place to do it. Though there are few organised clubs, sports lovers will always find a way. And we are here to help you.

Rock Tirana is a fantastic mountain gym, where climbers can challenge their physical limits and learn about this adventurous sport. Rock Tirana Climbing gym was founded by a young group of climbers. It is close the Students’ town in Tirana along Tirana- Elbasan road. It is the only gym in Tirana ...


National SportPark Resort, is one of the biggest in Tirana and probably in Albania, with a space 30 000 square metres. In this complex you can find a bar restaurant, pizzeria and hotel, but also two big swimming pools, one for adults, and one for family with kids. National Sport Park Resort has 6 tennis ...


Tirana Municipality organizes every year International Equestrian Day, with participation of Albanian and foreign knights. The race takes place in a newly adapted area in front of Selman Stërmasi” stadium, in Tirana once a year. The only place to learn about this sportand practice it is Panto ...



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