Interurban transport

  • Many buses run between the major cities of Albania. Bus travel is inexpensive and a good way of seeing the countryside. Buses travel nearly constantly during the day but do not always run to a regular schedule. Many travelers prefer to use the many private vans that rival the scheduled bus routes but operate almost entirely without schedules or set fares.

    Please find directly here your bus to travel from one city to another:  eTransport

    Or download the application with the same name

    Here is the  Timetable of Interurban bus for south and North TerminalTimetable of Interurban bus for South and North Terminal

    From Tirana, the main routes are:

    Line: Tirana-Durres

    All intercity bus lines of North and South are located

    -Southeast bus terminal, map

    Tirana-Pogradec; Tirana-Korca

    Southeast buses depart from “Qytet Studenti” station.

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