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  • Farka Lake Bike Tour

    This bike tour will introduce you to Farka Lake and the Farka region, just outside Tirana.
  • Tirana City Bike Tour

    Tirana City Bike Tour. This biking tour will introduce you to Tirana, its main sights, and its history while enjoying…
  • Wine and Raki tasting tour in Tirana

    As a typical Mediterranean country, our country has all the conditions for cultivating vines. Archaeological discoveries have made Albania one…
  • Berat-Tirana day trip

    Berat is an exceptional destination in Albania, a UNESCO city only 2 hours away from Tirana. Embark on a cultural and…
  • Pëllumbas Cave in Tirana

    The Cave of Pellumbas, or the Black Cave (Shpelle e Zezë), is about an hour hike outside the village of…
  • Tirana Durres daytrip

    Tirana is a blessed city, having the Dajti mountain in the east and the sea in the west in the same…
  • Kruja -Tirana daytrip

    The first thing everyone visit and remember from Tirana is "Skanderbeg Square" and Skanderbeg Monument. Tourists maybe don't know much…
  • Tirana – Dajti Mountain Cable Car

    It takes only 15 minutes to climb to the higher Mountain of Tirana, Dajti, 1613 m, with Cable Car.
  • Old Villas tour in Tirana

    Tirana is a city with mixed architecture, from Ottoman sarays, Italian villas etc. Through this itinerary we want to show…
  • Olive Oil Tour in Tirana

    Albania is becoming famous for its unique culinary and some of the main “elements” that makes our cuisine special, are the…