Practical Information

Tourist information centre

The official tourist information centre stands just behind the National History Museum. As well as housing an ever-increasing stock of printed materials on what to see and do in Tirana, this is also a good place to come for books and leaflets on Albania’s other major tourism attractions.

If you need more information about Tirana, you can write to, tourism office of Tirana Municipality.

Learn some Albanian

Some basic phrases in Albanian and their comparable English pronunciations:

Miredita = meer-detae = Good Day

Mirmengjes = meer – men – jazz = Good Morning

Faleminderit = fall – ae – minter – it = Thank you

Si jeni ? = See – ye – ne ? = How are you?

Mire = Me – rae = Good

Po = Po = Yes

Jo = Yo = No

Useful numbers in Albania /Numra emergjence në Shqipëri

Airport Tel. +355 4 2381 600

Lost Luggage Tel. +355 4 2381 681

Police Information Tel. 122

Police Emergency Tel. 129

Traffic Police Tel. 126

Fire Department Tel. 128

Emergency Room Tel. +355 4 2222 235

24 hour Pharmacy Tel. +355 4 2222 241

Albania Public Holidays

Jan 01-New Year’s Day

Mar 14- Summer Day

Mar 21-Newruz

April – Easter (Catholic and Orthodox). It depends on the Calendar each year

May 1 – Labor’s Day

Eid-al-Fitr (End of Ramadan)

Sep 19- Saint Teresa Canonization Day

Nov 28- Independence Day

Nov 29 Liberation Day

Dec 08-Albanian National Youth Day

Dec 25- Christmas Day

Embassies in Tirana

If you need to contact the authorities of your home country, here is the link of foreign embassies and consulates in Tirana.

Post offices

If you want to send a postcard from Tirana to your loved ones, here are a couple of post offices in the center of Tirana.

  1. Elbasanit
  2. Çamëria
  3. Wilson Square (Post Office No: 8)





opening hours

Monday – Wednesday: 8:00am/4:30pm

Thursday: 8:00am/5:00pm

Friday: 9:00 am/20:00 pm

Saturday-Sunday closed

Time zone

Tirana follows Central European Time (CET), an hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST). From the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October, the country follows Daylight Saving, meaning that the clocks are turned one hour forward. Albanians write using the 24-hour clock, and write the day before the month, for example 11pm on 12 September 2016 will be written 23:00 on 12.09.2016.

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