The Back Room – Buron Kaceli

Buron Kaceli

A memory-based exhibition, “Back Room,” comes to the Gallery of Art Tirana this April with selected works from the long career of the painter Buron Kaceli.

Before there was a camera, there was a painter who painted live – a form of painting painted in real-time by a professional painter, who skillfully captures a particular situation with his brushes on the cardboard or canvas, serving both a genuine artistic function and personal entertainment. Buron Kaceli is a painter of the second generation of artists; he graduated from the Academy of Arts in Tirana and is known for his pictorial style influenced by European and French schools of painting in particular. His work over the years has been noted for his lyrical interpretation of landscapes, still lives, light-filled and airy figure compositions, and thrilling revelations that have made him stand out among others. They are also noted for their bold strokes of fragile brushes and colorful pictorial chords.

This exhibition, besides celebrating the artist’s art and his long career through him, attempts to condition the acceptance of popular culture as an essential contemporary urban element. 


12/04/2024 – 05/05/2024


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