INTROSPECTION-“The reason to remain stoic in front of violence”

Tirana Art Gallery is pleased to invite you to the opening of Toni Milaqi’s solo exhibition on Tuesday, 13 February, at 18:00.
An exhibition that comes as a journey through time and different periods of his artistic life, at different stages of his creativity, urban and rural landscapes, self-portraits, portraits of his family members, compositions with a political and spiritual subject.
“I create because I deeply believe in the future and in my own way I oppose with body and soul the philosophy of violence” he says.
It is precisely this philosophy that describes the entire cycle of the exhibition, the attempt of the artist to research his personal relationship in the modern era, with his contemporaries and with the environment in which he lives.
The red thread that connects all of this, is the effort to observe reality as closely as possible, referring to personal experiences, as well as the critical sense in approaching the subject. He chooses to make self-portraits, and focus on his beloved family, with the desire for self-analysis. He digs into the spaces that introspection creates while in the process of knowing reality through knowing oneself in the first place. Working in this way,he thinks that he is closer to the answers of the basic questions: ‘Where do we come from, who are we, and where are we going?”
Sometimes personal, often philosophical and political, from this standpoint, we see in his artworks elements that reveal his artistic creativity as his actual existential, his practice is what gives meaning to his entire life journey.
Invited by GAT, to open the artistic season of 2024, ‘Introspection’ is his first solo exhibition in Albania
About the artist
Toni Milaqi, (born in 1974 in Tirana) currently living in Athens, Greece, studied painting at the Lyceum “Jordan Misja” and later at Academy of Fine Arts Tirana, Albania. He began his artistic life in his native city and throughout his 30 years career he presented solo exhibitions and participated on group shows in different parts of the world.

Tirana Art Gallery, Rruga e Kavajes

13/02/2024 – 05/03/2024


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