FemFest Festival in Tirana

The third edition of the “Femfest” Festival starts its journey of several days on the afternoon of March 4 in the large hall of Arturbina.

Like last year, “Femfest” has been built with a platform of impressive shows, debates, and discussions focused on women. Part of the festival will be artists, activists, writers, politicians, and singers who, through different genres of art, will give voice to the problems that are not spoken about or those that are not heard.

The proceeds collected from the tickets will go towards four scholarships for four University of the Arts students.

FemFEST is a feminist art and culture festival that BASH ART created in Tirana, Albania, in 2022. Scheduled to continue every year, marking International Women’s Day, the festival aims to revive the original purpose of March 8: to celebrate the achievements cultural, political, and socio-economic of women, calling for the entire achievement of women’s rights.

This edition will show in 5 nights, a total of 10 shows every day; there will be “FemTalk” columns before each show and daily panels moderated by critical female figures of public life in the country.

Arturbina Theater

04/03/2024 – 08/03/2024


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