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After a tremendous success last year, William Shakespeare’s immortal play, King Lear, returns in direct response to the priceless requests of our adoring audiences. Throughout the year, the question that dominated every conversation and meeting with you was, “Is ‘King Lear’ coming back?” And today, with particular pleasure and a sense of triumph, Metropol Theater announces that yes, we have brought it back for you, in response to this unstoppable demand.
“King Lear” is a powerful saga that reveals the dynamics of power, madness and love. The story recounts aging King Lear’s tragic confrontation with the consequences of his decisions, which lead to a series of events that erupt into conflict, deceit, and loss. Emboldened in a world where moral values are transformed and betrayal prevails, the characters end up on a painful journey of self-discovery and retribution.
In the return of this play to the Metropol Theatre, the actors will bring an even more in-depth interpretation of these complex characters, immersing the audience in a world where every line and every gesture has a special meaning. The sets and costumes reflect the different depths of the drama, making “King Lear” not just a show to watch, but an experience to live.

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