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Use this efficient gateway for your target groups in tourism and corporate travel and take advantage of the power of our digital media. Visit Tirana digital information network includes the website www.visit -tirana.com, and newsletter (41 up to now http://www.visit-tirana.com/newsletter) and our social media channels, Instagram 15,2K, Facebook 18.5 K Twitter 8,1K. Put your message within the environment that is most appropriate for your product and take advantage of the cross-media synergies created through our magazines and events. We guarantee you a higher affinity of the target group among travelers domestic or internationals, passionate about our country. Personalized advertising options and individual concepts ensure that your funds are spent to maximum effect.

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Since 2014 Visit Tirana started to promote the Capital of Albania, in two languages and to invite tourists to visit the city, to know traditions, values and to organize travel and tours around. Our platform grow year by year and today Visit Tirana remains the only tourism portal fully dedicated to Tirana, with information from A to Z about the city, also very updated, giving the readers an up to date feed of travel inspirations, trends, events and news every day, every month, every year. We invite all contributors who want to write about Tirana, also guides and tour operators who want to promote their tours and engage the communities, to work with us, to be part of promoting our city and raise the profits of Tirana community in a sustainable way.

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Do you know Tirana well, or do you know local spots that might be interesting for those who are planning to visit Tirana? We invite you to write an article for Visit-tirana.com and share it with the world! By contributing, your articles will be read from thousands of people interested or planning to visit Tirana. Let us know of your interests, indicating which areas or subjects you would like to write on, the languages you can write in and, if possible, indicating other articles online you’ve written in the past. The staff of visit Tirana has the right to edit or improve the article, according to our editorial policy.

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You are welcome to contact us with through the form below to propose your photos or videos of Tirana. Mention or tag us in your photo, could become a part of the photo gallery as we through our social media pages ( Facebook and ( Instagram).

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If you think you have an interesting idea or proposal and you want to collaborate with us, please contact with our staff.

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If you thing you have an interesting idea or proposal and you want to collaborate with us, please contact with our staff.

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Your articles will be published with your name. It will be read by thousands of people who want to know more about Tirana and who are visiting our city.

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