Amo Sushi the first Asian restaurant “ALL YOU CAN EAT” in Albania


Amo Sushi the first Asian restaurant “ALL YOU CAN EAT” in Albania

Amo Sushi is the newest Asian restaurant, and probably the best. This is the first Asian restaurant “ALL YOU CAN EAT” in Albania. The formula which revolutionizes your way of eating sushi.


In three simple steps: Order all dishes you want to try, Order as much as you want, Enjoy the taste of real sushi, without limit.

Here you will find the real sushi culture to Albania: you will discover the unique taste of Sol Levante, in a mix of aromas and sensations which will fully and totally include.

The lights and the intimate atmosphere of the restaurant will make you forget about the outside world: when you sit down you will be catapulted into a parallel dimension. A dimension consisting of sashimi, maki, tekami and uramaki all combined with the colors of the Orient.

Discover the true taste of Asia in all its dimensions

Try the formula SUSHI – All you can eat!


Traveling in Albania, COVID19 rules and restrictions

Updated 1 August 2021


The government of Albania informs all foreign citizens interested in travelling to Albania, that there are no general entry restrictions, neither the Covid-19 test nor a special document is required.


  • For all citizens transiting through the territory of Albania by land or who travel by sea:
  • Citizens traveling by land to Albania should obtain prior information at the Embassies of the countries through which they have to transit, so they can be informed about the rules set by these countries in the framework of the pandemic or relevant entry/transit regulations.


  • Citizens traveling from third countries by air and using one of the International Airports for transit should know that:

They will be allowed to leave the airport transit area and/or will not be allowed to continue their journey if the next destination is another country of the Schengen Area, as it will not be considered a transit but entry into the Schengen Area. Therefore the airport authorities will return them to the departing countries.


  • All passengers who are allowed to enter the territory of the Republic of Albania, in addition to complying with the protocols about airline international standards worldwide, must also follow and respect the rules listed below:
  • The passengers can access automated points at the airport which can provide them masks (which is mandatory indoors) and disinfectants;
  • In case passengers manifest symptoms, they will be asked to discontinue their travel and to comply with the rules of their domicile state.
  • For more information: https://www.tirana-airport.com/c/116/measures-and-rules/


  • Keep in mind the local measures that are currently in force:
  • Based on Order no. 218, dated 04.06.2021, on an amendment to Order no. 169, dated 05.06.2020, “The implementation of the Operation Protocol in air, road and sea transport in the framework of preventing COVID-19 pandemic for the tourist season 2021, aims to guarantee the well-being of tourist activity and to prevent the risk of COVID-19 infection, inside and outside accommodation structures”.


  • Starting from 15st of June 2021:
  • 28 summer health centers are opened in the tourist areas of Albania, which in addition to qualified staff, will be equipped with rapid tests and will come to the aid of suspected cases.
  • Outdoor gatherings will be allowed up to 50 people, following the protocol of rules and social distance, set by the Institute of Public Health Albania. http://www.ishp.gov.al/
  • Restricted public movement between 11.00 P.M to 06.00 A.M, except for health reasons or emergencies. The same restriction for bars and restaurant, except the delivery service.
  • The rule for mandatory masks outdoors is lifted but is still in force for indoors and public transportation. Night clubs remain closed, music is allowed till 10:00 P.M.


  • Starting from 01stof July 2021:
  • Restricted public movement between 00.00 A.M to 06.00 A.M, except for health reasons or emergencies. Music remains allowed till 11:00 P.M.
  • Sports championships, the activities of theatres, artistic, cultural performances, and conferences will be allowed with the presence of fans, with a reduced capacity of up to 30% according to the IPH protocol.


  • Please visit the page of the Civil Aviation Authority Albania, for more information regarding flights and list of countries:http://www.aac.gov.al/

Dua Lipa on vacation in Albania

Albanian pop star Dua Lipa is on vacation in Albania. First, she visited Tirana to witness the construction of the “Sunny Hill Kindergarten” in the capital city that was affected by an earthquake in 2019. She is keeping updates on Instagram of her trip in Albania:

 “An honour to be in Tirana - Albania today to see the construction work for “Sunny Hill Kindergarten” in the city centre. After the earthquake in 2019 and with all of your help by purchasing our “Pray for Albania” t-shirts that I created with my friends @bondnyc , I doubled the funds we made on the tee’s and that money is going towards furnishing this whole kindergarten for 300 children. I’m grateful to be here for this today with my family and friends. Thank you to the Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Mayor Erion Veliaj for all your help during this process. OPENING SEPTEMBER 15TH 2021! Thank you @sunnyhillfoundation”.

Dua Lipa is promoting the Albanian Riviera sharing on her social accounts, followers keep completing her for showing her Albanian pride.

British magazines have written several articles about her trip with Anwar and family to Albania.


Fergesa Fest- the festival of the traditional dish of Tirana

Tirana is an interesting destination for culinary delights. There are restaurants offering traditional cuisine as well as rich Mediterranean cuisine. Foreigners are keener to try traditional culinary and are always looking for authentic Albanian dishes. “Fërgesa” is the traditional dish of Tirana, which we recommend to all those travelers who visit Tirana. This was the fourth year of Fergesa Fest held in July at Tirana Castle. A lot of activities happened, cooking show of the traditional dish, the Tirana assemble performed dances and songs.

  The Mayor, Mr. Erion Veliaj greeted the guests and gave a great news about the surrounding villas, the Toptani’s Sarajet, the villas of Libohoviteve part of Tirana Castle soon will be opened for the public.

 Tirana has amazing history and we want people to know more about our gems like the old villas.


What to do in Tirana in August 2021

From long nights by the lake to concerts at Amphitheater, Open air cinemas, long walks on the parks and vibrant nightlife are some of the things you can do in Tirana in August.

For those who might think that there aren’t many things to do in Tirana (since it’s not a coastal city) during August, we will tell you the opposite. It is true that in August Tirana is quieter, but only during the hottest hours of the day.

What to do in August in Tirana

During the afternoons and evenings in Tirana, you see so much exuberance in the main centers. Skanderbeg Square is the place where all the people gather, families and friends, youngsters stroll around the biggest square in the country. The number of tourists is high in August, and you can see them in the city center taking picture everywhere. While two other famous attractions: The New Bazaar and the Castle of Tirana are always full of people, almost every day you will find activities being held at these important spots of Tirana.

What to do in August in Tirana

During weekends you can go to Erzen River to refresh, the Cyclops’ Eye natural gem or in the many lakes of Tirana. Swimming pools are another option and you can find many of them in the suburbs of Tirana.

What to do in August in Tirana

To enjoy the fresh air and escape from the summer heat, go to Dajti Mountain and enjoy a fantastic day starting with the cable car ride to the Adventure Park and a good lunch at Ballkoni Dajti restaurant. Also, you can choose to visit other green areas around Tirana, and we have a list here.

What to do in August in Tirana

The museums are open all through August. From the National History Museum, House of Leaves, House Museum of Ismail Kadare, Bunk'Art you can visit them in August.

For you who are passionate about art and exhibitions this month at the National Gallery of Arts is open "The Non-Canonical Gospel"exhibition of the Tomislav Gotovac. The exhibition will remain open until September 9th, 2021.

What to do in August in Tirana

These are our recommendations to help you explore Tirana and attend the most interesting activities in the vibrant capital of Albania.

We wish you a pleasant stay!


Tirana European Youth Capital 2022

On November 2019, something amazing happened for the youth of our capital!

Tirana won the “European Youth Capital 2022” title, crowning several months of unremitting work and efforts of young people from the National Youth Congress, youth CSO’s and the Municipality of Tirana, towards creating a rich program of activities for 2022 dedicated entirely to young people.


Youth is one of the most cherished assets of our city and our country, having one of the youngest populations in Europe, It is therefore obvious and inevitable that the most prominent driving force pushing Tirana and Albania towards a prosperous and sustainable future within the EU is its energetic and aspiring youth, joining energies and working together.


Activ∞ Youth is an ambitious program that focuses on the needs of young people of today and tomorrow, championing non-formal values and best practices. As stated in the “Active-8” slogan, the whole program encourages positive activism by presenting 8 interwind themes comprising dozens of projects and hundreds of wide-range activities.

The program consists of 8 themes such as: Youth makes creative economy & innovation; Youth creates culture, Youth develops capacity, Youth Participates; Youth diversity; Youth are Europeans; Youth Eco-Health; Youth Spaces.

YOU TOO can become an integral part of this common goal by supporting the development of this program and its activities.

More information: www.tiranaeyc2022.al


Mural Art e la Street Art a Tirana

Tirana sta cambiando ogni giorno, diventando sempre più colorata. Artisti dall'Albania e di fama internazionale  hanno realizzato le loro opere sugli edifici della capitale.

Siamo felici di vedere ogni giorno dei vecchi edifici dipinti e decorati con delle forme e colori diversi. Ormai, Tirana si distingue per i suoi edifici colorati. Numerosi edifici appartenenti all’era comunista sono colorati con i colori dell’arcobaleno rendendoli affascinanti e nuovi nel panorama urbano.

Visit Tirana propone un itinerario tra questi edifici colorati se siete in viaggio a Tirana.  

Leggi qui!

Tra il 26 Maggio e il 3 Giugno si è svolto a Tirana, in Albania, il MurAL Fest, durante il quale 13 artisti hanno realizzato le loro opere sugli edifici della capitale con messaggi interessanti.

Questi murales sono un invito per tutti quelli che vogliono scoprire i quartieri di Tirana e non solo il centro della città. Le opere si trovani  la maggior parte in via  Myslym Shyri, via Durazzo Rotonda, l’incrocio di  21 Dicembre, via  Sami Frasheri ecc.

Visia Tirana ha fotografato alcuni murals ed opere di street  e vi propone  questa galleria da ammirare!

 Se vuoi esplorare da solo, ecco il link della mappa.

Arti Murali a Tirana Albania

Street Art  Tirana Albania

Street Art Tirana Albania

Street Art a Tirana Albania

Street Art Tirana Albania

Street Art Tirana AlbaniaStreet Art Tirana Albania


What to do in Tirana in July 2021

Tirana is vivid more than ever. After long months of restrictions, now we are finally breathing more freely, measures against Covid-19 have been eased, vaccination has also started in people over 18 years old. We are so excited to see numerous groups of tourists land every day in Tirana. Lots of travel bloggers stroll around attractions, taking pictures  and promoting Tirana on their social Medias.

What to do in Tirana in July 2021

We are so ready to go in concerts and celebrate with our friends. On July 26, we will enjoy a great concert by Ermal Meta at Air Albania Stadium.

What to do in Tirana in July 2021

The evenings are full of emotions and excitement at "Skënderbej" square, where Tirana Fanzone is located to watch the matches of the European Championship, which ends on July 11.

What to do in Tirana in July 2021

On July in the Amphitheater of Tirana are organized different events every evening, with concerts, outdoor theatres, ballet shows, etc.

What to do in Tirana in July 2021

For kids there are many options for entertainment and education with Summer Camps which are open during July and August at the Grand Park of Tirana.  

Numerous activities are expected to be organized in Reja, the alternative space for all local and foreign artists.

What to do in Tirana in July 2021

To escape the heat, you can escape to the pools of Tirana, or cool off in the Canyons of Erzeni, the Eye of the Cyclops or the lakes of Tirana.

What to do in Tirana in July 2021

Enjoy Tirana this July!


New tennis courts in Tirana

For all tennis enthusiasts, new tennis courts have already been inaugurated in Tirana in the Great Park of the Artificial Lake. The tennis park is named after Perlat Voshtina, one of the best Albanian tennis players.

New tennis courts in Tirana

The newest sports facilities are totally functional, while the rules of use and online reservation can be found on the official website of the Parks and Recreation Agency - Municipality of Tirana.

New tennis courts in Tirana


Arena Center-a new experience in the heart of Tirana

Tirana is rapidly changing with rising skyscraper in the city center. One of the most interesting and modern buildings is Arena Center, which is part of the New National Stadium Complex "Air Albania Stadium". Near Mother Teresa Square, stands Arena Center one of the tallest and most magnificent a giant red and black complex, with the colors of Albanian flag.

Arena Center in Tirana

This area has already become the trendiest corner of Tirana, not only for the largest Albanian stadium and its history and importance, but also for the whole pleasant surrounding complex from the famous columns of the Museum building.

Air Albania Stadium

The stadium was built on the site of Qemal Stafa Stadium. The stadium with a capacity of 22,000 seats was inaugurated in November 2019 in the Albania-France match.

"Air Albania Stadium" is unique and without competition in its kind in Albania. It constitutes a modern sports complex not only with a very interesting and attractive architecture. The integration of the historic façade gives the Stadium an added value, it is conceived in the form of a Greco-Roman theater. The stadium structure is a special multi-faceted (octagonal) shape so that each side allows access to the other separate parts.

Arena Center in Tirana

The whole building has become a reference point for all visitors, not only to watch the matches but as a fun and cultural place. On the first floor is the Museum of Albanian Football, where the history of the stadium is presented as part of the cultural and historical heritage of the city of Tirana. In this museum are illustrated with photos - videos and audio the entire history of Albanian football becoming an attractive museum and open to local and foreign visitors.

Arena Center in Tirana

Italy Square

Plaza Italia together with the units of Arena Center has become a center of entertainment and relaxation for everyone. It is the place where you see many young people sitting on the steps of the Rectorate, or others playing with roller skates. Today is a meeting point for many young people, but also for parents who accompany their children hour by hour in the Tumo center, one of the first unique centers of its kind in Albania. Tumo, is an education center for teenagers where they learn integrated graphic design and technology.

Arena Center in Tirana

Shopping & food

Brand named chain stores, restaurants and coffee shops, offices, hotels and entertainment areas for all family members, guarantying a comfortable, pleasant and safe tour around all spaces for its visitors.

Arena Center in Tirana

There you will find Sophie Café, Lowengrube, Yellow Mood, Grand Lounge, OPA, Italian Food & Drinks, Blooms. There you can make purchases for the house in: Asa HOME, Selection by Arjon and GoTech. Stores of well-known brands such as: Elisabeta Franchi, Hugo Boss, Marella, Enrico Marinelli, Aquamarine, Macron, Pinko etc.

Arena Center in Tirana

In the fall of 2021, the 5-star Marriott hotel is expected to open its doors. The hotel will be on the 24 storey tower overlooking the stadium area, and will have approximately 150 rooms, SPA, conference room, fitness and casino.

Arena Center is a very important point of the Albanian capital that attracts many visitors as well as a value for businesses located there that benefit from the strategic position. There are about 10,000 m2 of space for rent for spaces for different businesses.

Arena Center is a new authentic and modern experience that includes everything in one place in the heart of Tirana.



Top 10 best photos of #TiranaSpring2021

Visit Tirana organized the 19th social media photo contest in Instagram with hashtag #TiranaSpring2021. More than 500 photos were posted during 3 months, from 1 March 2021 to 31 May 2021.

Stunning photos from city center, showing the spring blossom everywhere, in Tirana’s parks, in mountains, lakes and villages. Amateur and professional photographers posted their photos on Instagram using the hashtag of our contest #TiranaSpring2021.

Here are top 10 photos:

Sunset -Drone view of Lana River with blooming trees

Author: Pixelsbyab

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Sheshi Skenderbej, refleksion

Autor: Marsel_shots


Shumoku Canyon in Farke

Author: Jar Islamaj

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Spring in Xhamlliku

Author: F.S.H_26

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First signs of spring at the Artificial Lake

Author: Rozana Xhaferaj

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Grand Park in full blossom

Author: Luljeta Mustafaj

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Rural life of Baldushk in Spring

Author: Valter Zhara

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Spring sunset -Rruga e Durresit


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Farka Lake surrounded by greenery

Author: Jar Islamaj

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Murat Toptani pediastrian street in Spring

Author: claudiasobjective

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Bovilla Canyon in Spring

Author: fajton_lika

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What to do in Tirana in June 2021

#TiranaIsOpen this is the great news we were waiting for since the pandemic hit. June is one of the most lively and exciting times to visit Tirana. Tourists have been visiting Tirana since May and many are planning to come in June. Read here about the COVID-19 Measures and Rules in Albania.

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The cultural life is starting to bloom in June, attractions, museums, galleries have reopened following the easing of coronavirus restrictions.

June is also the perfect time to catch the rays in Tirana’s parks, have a picnic or enjoying outdoor cinemas. Bike riding around the lake or summer walks are a favorite thing to do.

What to do in Tirana in June 2021

On the hot days you can freshen up with some delicious ice-creams, here are our favorites.

On weekends you can explore all the villages of Tirana, or visit the Dajti Mountain Park.

On June 1st, the Dajti Adventure Park will open the season, a place to challenge yourself and have some adventure fun.

 Cultural activities

The Cloud Festival-Edition 5 will start in June 4th. Exhibitions, dance performances, cinema, this edition will be a full entertainment.

While theaters will continue to broadcast their shows online on their Facebook channels.

What to do in Tirana in June 2021

You can choose one of many interesting museums to visit Tirana, here is the list.

Many events are expected to be held at Tirana’s Amphitheater located at the Grand Park.

What to do in Tirana in June 2021

Every summer here are organized concerts and other events. 

In June, VisitTirana opens the social media photo contest, photographers can contribute with their photos presenting summertime in Tirana by using #TiranaSummer2021.