Valentine Day in Tirana-photo gallery

Love feels in every street of Tirana on Valentine Day. Bouquet of flowers, hearts everywhere, couples holding hands, table bars with roses, this is a picture of Tirana today.

As every year the ...


Tirana ready for Saint Valentine Day

Tirana always surprises us with the city's decor for St. Valentine.

This time a bunch of hearts emerges from the window of the Tirana Municipality building pouring on the sidewalk. Many citizens ...


Tirana in the first year as Albanian Capital

A foreign journalist from Switzerland who visited Tirana in the autumn of 1921 was so impressed by this city. It was the time when Tirana was just been declared the new Capital of Albania. His article ...


Il 99-essimo anniversario di Tirana come capitale dell'Albania

L'11 Febbraio 1920 Tirana,  venne scelta come capitale temporanea dell'Albania, dal governo albanese provvisorio stabilito nel Congresso di Lushnjë del Gennaio 1920. All’epoca gli uffici ...


Valentine’s Day in Tirana

Someone special to impress? Find the most romantic hotels and restaurants in Tirana for a remarkable day.  If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, it's important to pick ...


Write your own love story and get rewarded

Every love story is different from each other and each one is worth telling. Valentine’s Day is coming, so we have thought to reward the most beautiful story of love. What you need is just to ...


Metro Hotel, a charming welcome in Tirana

Metro Hotel is a brand-new hotel in Blloku area, center of Tirana. ...


Kadare house in Tirana will be turned into a house museum

The renowned Albanian writer Ismail Kadare celebrates its 83 anniversary. On the special day, the Mayor of Tirana, Veliaj announced that soon the house of Kadare in Tirana will be turned into a house ...


What to do in February in Tirana

Welcome as we bring in the month of February in Tirana. This is the time of early spring when love and romance blossom in the air. 

This is also the month which signifies the end of winter ...


Elite Palace- a new modern resort in eastern hills of Tirana

A new modern hotel is added to Tirana. For all of you who plan to visit Tirana in 2019, Elite Palace hotel is one of our recommendation. A luxury hotel situated close to Dajti Mountain, in a hill between ...


The monumental tomb of Persqopi close to Tirana is now restored

The restoration of the Monumental Tomb of the Ancient Perseqopy Settlement ends. The project approved by the National Restoration Council made it possible to carry out conservation - restoration interventions, ...


Reviving the culture tradition of folk dance

The revival of culture tradition, especialy folk music and dance, is one of the challenges every nation face towards educating youth generations. In this framework the Beder University College organized ...

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