La storia sulla Giornata Nazionale della Gioventù, in Albania

L'Albania celebra  ogni l’8 Dicembre la Giornata Nazionale della Gioventù. È un giorno che ricorda le proteste degli studenti nei primi anni del 1990 contro il regime dittatoriale di Enver Hoxha. Gli studenti dell’Università di Tirana , che dal 1985 al 1992 prese il nome del dittatore "Enver Hoxha" marciavano per le strade della città, chiedendo la caduta del comunismo. La prima manifestazione degli studenti scesi in piazza, è iniziata l'8 Dicembre 1990, ma il numero dei manifestanti è raggiunto i 3 mila  entro l'11 Dicembre, costringendo il predecessore di Hoxha, Ramiz Alia, a incontrare gli studenti per placare i disordini. L’ex presidente comunista Alia, accettò di prendere ulteriori provvedimenti per democratizzare il paese.  È così,  che inizia il lungo processo di sostituzione del vecchio regime comunista con la democrazia.

Historia e Dites se Rinise ne Shqiperi

L'8 Dicembre è stata dichiarata la Giornata della Gioventù per la prima volta nel 2009 con la proposta dell'ex Primo Ministro, Sali Berisha, di ricordare questo importante giorno che ha segnato il primo movimento per rovesciare il regime di Enver Hoxha.


The ‘House of Leaves’ wins 2020 Museum Prize

The 2020 Council of Europe Museum Prize has been awarded to The National Museum of Secret Surveillance “House of Leaves” (Tirana, Albania). The museum was selected by the Culture Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) at a meeting in Paris today.

The National Museum of Secret Surveillance “House of Leaves” commemorates the psychological violence and total control of citizens during the communist regime in Albania (1944-1991) during which 18,000 people were prosecuted and charged and 5,000 executed. It is situated in the former State Security house in the centre of Tirana, which served as the Central Directorate of the Sigurimi, a technical branch of the Albanian State service agency. The particular feature of this small museum is that it has remained virtually intact with original equipment and recordings which are now stored in archives.

According to committee representative for the Museum Prize, Roberto Rampi (Italy, SOC), “we need to support and encourage smaller museums with less resources in openly dealing with the wounds of the past. The “House of Leaves” is a very moving museum run on a very low budget by enthusiastic staff. Today, society is confronted with the widespread use of high-tech devices and threats of mass surveillance through facial recognition, access to private data, etc. This museum is evocative of the darkest days of the past which should not be forgotten.

The Council of Europe Museum Prize has been awarded annually since 1977 to a museum judged to have made a significant contribution to the understanding of European cultural heritage, the promotion of respect for human rights and democracy, bridging cultures, overcoming social and political borders, broadening visitors' knowledge and understanding of contemporary societal issues and exploring ideas of democratic citizenship.

The winning museum is presented with a bronze statuette by Joan Miró, which the museum will keep for a year, together with a diploma.

The prize is decided on the basis of three proposals presented by a jury of the European Museum Forum, and forms part of the European Museum of the Year Awards.

Recent winners of the prize include the Museum of Communication in Bern, Switzerland (2019), the War Childhood Museum in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2018), and the Caribbean Centre of Expressions and Memory of the Slave Trade and Slavery in Guadeloupe, France (2017).


Source: Parliamentary Assembly


What to do in December in Tirana

This is the month of solidarity and giving. A month where everyone can share or donate to vulnerable people. After the pain left behind by the earthquake which hit our country on November 26th, December is the ideal month to celebrate and share love. Throughout this month, Visit Tirana will raise awareness about all the charity events, private or public initiatives that donate, help, and bring joy to those affected by the earthquake. Donate blankets, a warm soup for the homeless, join various organizations where you can volunteer.

December in Tirana

Let's cherish together this December in Tirana

The Albanian capital’s decoration for the holiday season had begun in the last weeks of November. After days of national mourning, in a few days the capital will be back on its feet with more vibrance for the festive days.

The center of the celebrations will be the "Skanderbeg" square with the ‘holiday village’, where the square turns into a small village with wooden houses decorated with Christmas colors and dazzling lights. Wooden houses are improvised as: craft shops, bars and restaurants where visitors can buy gifts, enjoy food and drink.

Some of Visit Tirana's suggestions for a fun December in Tirana are:

Admire Christmas lights

The most beautifully decorated streets that shouldn’t be missed: Boulevard "Martyrs of the Nation", New Bazaar (Pazari i Ri), "Murat Toptani" Pedestrian street, Rr. Myslym Shyri, Rr. Kavaja, the former block area etc.

December in Tirana

New Bazaar

For lively afternoons and evenings spend time at the New Bazaar (Pazari i Ri), which remains an interesting hotspot worth visiting at any time in Tirana. Once you enter in this area you can feel the vibe of holidays.

Castle of Tirana

The Castle of Tirana must be on your list if you want to enjoy some warm and pleasant time. Bars and restaurants, like souvenir shops inside the walls of the castle, glitter with lights drawing more visitors to spend time near their premises. The perfect place where you can buy souvenirs for friends, eat delicious food or enjoy a glass of warm wine with friends. This is what you need in these cold December days in Tirana.

December in Tirana

Go shopping

Souvenirs, gifts, food, everything you need for your family and friends you can buy them in one single place such as the "Christmas market" as well as in various shopping centers in Tirana.

Enjoy the snow

Tirana is lucky to have Dajti Mountain close by, which is covered in snow almost all winter days. The cable car ride is one of the things you should experience especially when snow hits the National Park of Dajti. You will be able to enjoy the breathtaking panorama in a 15 minutes cable car ride.

Don't miss the events in Tirana

People have many days off, that means you have plenty of time to spend: watching movies in theaters, attending theatrical shows or concerts. If you don’t want to miss in Tirana, check the calendar of events on our site.

Some of the events announced so far are:

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream at Metropol Theater (until December 6)
  • The OSAAB 20th Annual International Holiday Bazaar (8 December 2019 Rogner Hotel)
  • Rage of the Rampage - concert in Tirana (20 December 2019, Olympic Park)
  • Tirana Patience -exhibition at National Gallery of Arts
  • Exhibition by Jean Molitor-Photographic Journey around the World (December 9, 2019) National Museum

Visit Tirana’s staff wishes you a happy month! Let's hope that 2020 will be a good year for Albanians!

December in Tirana


Brrari Mountain, traveling for less than 2 dollars

We often hear from the young generation that there isn’t much to do in Tirane. Or that organising a short trip out of the city is expensive. All of those excuses are not true. There are a lot of beautiful places in the rural parts of Tirana and reaching them is quite cheap.

Brar tour from Tirana

Brrari mountain and the village with the same name is one of those areas you can reach easily if you are a fan of nature and hiking. Brrari mountain is located 17 kilometres away from Tirana. To follow the trail of hiking you need to reach the village with the same name: Brrari village. The town can be reached easily by public transportation. The bus that takes you to the village is Tufina’s bus. You can take the bus at any bus stop such as ‘Nenkatshet bus station’ or ‘Selvia’s bus station’. The buses leave every ten minutes, so time is not essential. However, it is recommended starting your trip early so you can get the best view and not miss anything. The ticket costs 40 leke. The last bus station will be your destination. Travelling from Tirana until there will take up thirty minutes as a maximum.

You will know you are in the right place when you see a small coffee shop. In case you missed your cup of coffee because of the early morning you can have one there. There is also a small bakery in case you lost your morning too, or you can do it like any e other hiker and pack your meals with you. Besides the meals, a critical thing about starting this trip is the shoes. It would be best if you had proper hiking shoes because the road and the trail are not in their best conditions. A hiking jacket is important too, in case it gets chilly in the afternoon. If you are a beginner of hiking, you might also consider bringing a hiking stick so the hike can be more pleasant. 

Brar tour from Tirana

The road that takes you to the village is quite dirty at the beginning. After you leave the big trucks’ drive in 20 minutes starts the real road village. The village is built in a hill so basically you will start hiking from there. There is only a main road that goes through the village, so it is hard to get confused. Even if you do by the middle of it, you will find a big board, with the map of the trail and how you can reach “Brrari Mountain”, “Preske e Vogel” etc. You can always ask the locals since they happen to be very friendly. While climbing up to the top of the village, you can see different animals such as sheep, chickens, bees, goats etc. You also notice different plants, but the most famous and tasty is ‘mare’. It looks like a blackberry, but it is bigger, and it tastes a lot different.

Brar tour from Tirana

In 15 minutes of walking, you can notice the end of the village and the beginning of the hiking. There are two ways or even more to reach the mountain. My favourite is going through the village and avoiding the dust of the other car’s road. The hike is of the intermediate level. In the beginning, there are not many plants or trees, but you will notice more of them during the way up. There are not any hiking signs so the best would be having someone who has made the same trail before to guide you. Even as a first try, I think it would be hard to confuse. Within 40 Minutes of climbing, you will reach a beautiful field. In there you can have a deserved break and enjoy the fantastic view. You can see Tirana, but most importantly enjoy the light of the mountains around you. The air is fresh, full of plants (mare) which turns it in a perfect spot for a lovely picnic. You can stay there, enjoying the view and take some magic pictures. Playing different games or just dancing would be a perfect solution too.

The trail of hiking continues furthermore for around 50 minutes. Hiking the rest of it is quite hard since there are a lot of bushes and you can get easily lost. In case you do not have someone to guide you up to the mountain just stick to exploring the area around since there are a lot of things to see and capture. To go back home, you need to follow the same advice, but backwards. To have this amazing experience, all you have to spend is less than 2$ and plenty of energy.


Tirana European Youth Capital 2022- what will this bring?

Tirana is the 14th city to win this award but this is more than a just a prize. For one year, Tirana will be the European Capital of Youth, which means a lot of projects, activities, an extraordinary promotion of Tirana and Albania. There will be many opportunities for our youth to organize, connect and strengthen the European identity.

Encouraging Youth Participation, the European Youth Capital title has contributed to increasing young people’s engagement in decision-making processes through further improved or newly developed co-decision-making and participation structures, thus, better connecting young people with local authorities.

Tirana European Youth Capital 2022

What is the aim of the European Youth Capital program?

Through the activities that will be organized the program aims to: opens up new opportunities, brings positive change, encourages active participation, promotes volunteering, fosters European identity, champions diversity and inclusion, strengthens youth organizations, boosts investment in youth, amplifies voice in Europe, transforms the city into an international meeting point, connects young people.

Tirana European Youth Capital 2022

The first city who won this award was Rotterdam in 2009. On rotation: Turin (Italy), Antwerp (Belgium), Braga (Portugal), Maribor (Slovenia), Thessaloniki (Greece) Clunj Napoca (Romania); Ganja (Azerbaijan), Varna (Bulgaria), Cascais (Portugal), Novi Sad (Serbia); Amiens (France).

Municipalities from all over Europe have had the opportunity to apply in this competition, each with videos and examples of why it deserves to be the European Youth Capital, showing the particularities of youth identity and strength. Tirana was presented with a wonderful two-generation video, where the younger generation, many children and then young people speak several foreign languages. The Municipality of Tirana is preparing the calendar of activities, aiming our capital to be on the map for the European Youth.

Source: Youth Forum


Mayor of Tirana proposes zero VAT for all electric buses

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, attended today the hearing of the Parliamentary Committee on Laws, as the chairman of the Association for Local Autonomy, where he discussed the draft state budget for 2020. In his speech, he proposed a revision of the new territorial division. He suggested that Rinas Airport becomes part of Tirana and not of Fushe Kruja so that it can create investment opportunities.

Mayor of Tirana proposes zero VAT for all electric buses

The mayor also underlined the city's determination to embrace ecological technology in public transport. For this, he proposed lowering the VAT on buses and electric vehicles, thereby also protecting the environment and the lives of citizens.

At the meeting on the local government's draft budget for 2020, Veliaj stated that it is the right time that like many European countries have a separate law on the capital, Tirana would have one.

“Next year, Tirana celebrates a hundred years as a capital. It is essential to have a law of its own finally. We want that jubilee year to be translated into a significant year in terms of legislation, ”Veliaj said.


Il giorno della liberazione di Tirana

Tirana celebra oggi il 75 anniversario della Liberazione della Città. Era il giorno in cui le forze nazionale di liberazione vincevano la guerra contro gli invasori tedeschi. Ogni anno, il Comune di Tirana organizza attività in onore dei martiri nella Guerra di Liberazione di Tirana mettendo corone di fiori al Monumento al "Il Soldato Sconosciuto". Ci sono ancora alcuni veterani che ricordano quel giorno.

Activities on National Liberation Day of Tirana


La guerra per la liberazione di Tirana è durata 2 mesi e 19 giorni e ci sono stati interrotti e intensi combattimenti per la liberazione della capitale. L'attacco finale è iniziato la mattina del 16 novembre, dove Forze della Brigata 1 ha occupato la "Casa delle Ufficiali", la Torre dell’Orologio, il Teatro e così via. Le forze della brigata VIII andavano avanti in via Kavaja e si incontrarono con l'ala destra della brigata I, restringendo ancora di più l'anello dell'assedio nemico nel centro della capitale.

Activities on National Liberation Day of Tirana

La mattina del 17 novembre 1944, dopo 19 giorni di dura guerra, fu liberata la capitale dell'Albania, Tirana. Il travolgente operazione per la liberazione di Tirana è stata preparata e sviluppata nel contesto della repressione generale dell'esercito "UNÇSH" sulla liberazione dell'Albania. Era la continuazione e il culmine del attacco generale. La liberazione della capitale ha avuto un grande significato politico e militare. Ha incoronato la vittoria della guerra di liberazione nazionale antifascista; ha causato grandi perdite e ha ritardato il ritiro delle forze tedesche. Il capo del Fronte di liberazione nazionale antifascista era l'ex dittatore Enver Hoxha. Ma la storia dice che la lotta per la liberazione di Tirana è stata diretta dall'ex primo ministro durante la dittatura, Mehmet Shehu.Activities on National Liberation Day of Tirana

Il 17 novembre 1944 fu un giorno molto felice per tutti i cittadini di Tirana di quella epoca. Ci sono alcune foto che mostrano persone che celebrano la vittoria insieme ai partigiani.

Il combattimento continuò in altre città e l'intero paese è stato liberato nel 29 novembre 1944.

Activities on National Liberation Day of Tirana


Albanian Dictionary-the newest installation in Skanderbeg Square in Tirana

In the framework of the "Book October" program, the Albanian Ministry of Culture has set up a giant book installation in "Skanderbeg" square in Tirana. The installation is "Dictionary of Albanian Language", published by the Academy of Sciences and Institute of Language and Literature.

Giant Book installation in Tirana

But that It’s not just an installation, it is a functional vocabulary. Through an attached monitor you can search for the meaning of any Albanian words.

Giant Book installation in Tirana

This installation serves as a message to know and love our language!

The installation has attracted the attention of passersby eager to take photos in front of the giant book.

Giant Book installation in Tirana


What to do in November in Tirana

Come and celebrate with us the month of Albanian pride! November is absolutely the most festive month in our country, with Independence Day and Liberation Day, celebrated on 28-29 November. This year we have 107 anniversary of Independence and 75th anniversary of Country's  Liberation, which will culminate with White Night concerts everywhere in Tirana.  While on November 17  is celebrated the Liberation day for Tirana city. The Mayor of Tirana encouraged every citizen in Tirana to put a flag on the window, to show the pride of being Albanian in this festive month. 

November is also called the Month of the Book, since the main yearly event for all book lovers "Book Fair" will be organized in mid November at Palace of Congresses.  The evenings may be longer and the days shorter and chillier, but don’t stay at home. November in Tirana is packed with plenty of interesting events and things to do. Let's explore some of them: 


What to do in November in Tirana

Biggest Events

Tirana Book Fair is the biggest book Fair in Albania. The fair will take place at Palace of Congresses from 13-17 November. This fair is the most frequented and the most popular comparing to all the fairs organized in Tirana. It shows the raising interest for books among Albanians of all ages.

What to do in November in Tirana

Tirana Street Food Fair 2019 (14-17 November), Skanderbeg square. Come and enjoy some of delicious food, traditional for albanians. 

Ballet on Ice (16 November)-inside the Palace of Congresses turning it into a glittering ice rink for the first time. The St. Petersburg State Troup will perform on November 16, 2019, about fifty professional and ballerina dancers at the World and European Skating and Olympic Competitions have been part of the St. Petersburg Ice Ballet for years. What to do in November in Tirana

17-th of November is historical day for Tirana city, because it is remembered as Tirana Liberation Day (17 Nov 1944). Tirana Municipality organizes some festive activities, putting also flowers at 'Unknown Solder' monument, or at ‘Nene Shqiperi’ statue at Martyrs Cemetery.

What to do in November in Tirana

Meet Russia at the Tirana International Fair, on 23-26 November 2019 at the Palace of Congresses, Tirana. The Russian culture, traditions and the famous alcoholic drink "Vodka" will be presented on this fair.

28th November is the most important day for all Albanians, where we celebrate the National Day, or Flag Day There are a lot of activities ahead of the day and on the day all over Albania, especially in Tirana and Vlora.

What to do in November in Tirana

29th of November is also a festive day. It is remembered as a day of Liberation of Albania from Nazi in 1944. But in the latest decade, it is replaced with White Night, which starts from the night of 28 November, where people spend the whole night out- and continue the next day. The galleries and museums are free to visit, and a lot of other surprises are planned every year.

What to do in November in Tirana

Photo and paint exhibitions are open during all the month. Also theaters, concerts are planned already and you can see updated in the page of Visit Tirana events. 

For people who love dancing, every thursday, at 21:00h, Tango Tirana, the Argentine Tango Community of Albania organises MILONGA.

What to do in November in Tirana

 Don’t forget to post your photos of Tirana and take part at our Social Media Contest #TiranaAutumn2019. The competition will end at 30th of November. What a month to be in Tirana. The city is waiting for you!


Autumn weekend outside Tirana

Autumn in Tirana is a pleasant season due to the warm weather, where the days are sunny and the mornings and nights are cool. Everyone enjoys these days, especially on weekends where most people escape the capital's bustle to visit and relax on the natural destinations in the suburbs of Tirana.

Tirana Marathon 2019 winners

We asked our followers on Instagram what places outside Tirana do they suggest for lovely autumn weekends. Here are the answers compiled below.

Many have suggested the Dajti National Park, as the most frequented place especially in autumn. The stunning panorama of Tirana, great picnic areas with family and friends, traditional restaurants make Dajti Park a weekend hotspot.

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The area of Shengjergj has become a desired destination for its natural beauties that characterize the area. Shengjergj Waterfall as well as Rabbit Lake (Liqeni i Lepurit) are the two most visited natural attractions. In Shengjergj there are also some restaurants serving traditional cuisine, a great opportunity to enjoy nature and delicious dishes. If you like chestnuts you can climb up to Qafa Priskë to collect chestnuts and play with the autumn leaves.

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Bovilla Lake, Tirana's largest reservoir, known for its turquoise water and spectacular views, attracts many domestic and foreign visitors’. If you climb the Gamti Mountain the view is priceless.

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The village of Peza surrounded by hills and large fields, remains a favorite destination for many families. In Peza there is a large field surrounded by large trees and during autumn the golden and red color cover the field creating a picturesque view. Children can play in the big field, or riding horses. It is an ideal place to have picnic and enjoy the warm weather.

The Petrelë village mostly know from Petrel Castle is highly visited by foreigners and locals. With its fantastic view of the Erzen valley and the surrounding countryside that look even more beautiful in the fall, Petrela manages to stay on the list of favorite destinations. Except visiting the castle, you can stroll around the village center and wander through the beautiful Petrela countryside.

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Farka Lake due to new investments in Farka area has taken a lot of attention making a favorite destination. On the weekends the promenade is full of people strolling and gazing on the beautiful lake.

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The Great Artificial Lake Park remains the most frequented and at the same time most populated due to its proximity to the city center. A place where you can find a lot of entertainment for the whole family: large playground, dedicated bike lanes, boating and picnic.


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These are just some of the suggestions because Tirana has many lakeside villages and picturesque views. If you're traveling to these places, share your photos using the hashtag #TiranaAutumn2019 on Instagram.


Mural Art e la Street Art a Tirana

Tirana sta cambiando ogni giorno, diventando sempre più colorata. Artisti dall'Albania e di fama internazionale  hanno realizzato le loro opere sugli edifici della capitale.

Siamo felici di vedere ogni giorno dei vecchi edifici dipinti e decorati con delle forme e colori diversi. Ormai, Tirana si distingue per i suoi edifici colorati. Numerosi edifici appartenenti all’era comunista sono colorati con i colori dell’arcobaleno rendendoli affascinanti e nuovi nel panorama urbano.

Visit Tirana propone un itinerario tra questi edifici colorati se siete in viaggio a Tirana.  

Leggi qui!

Tra il 26 Maggio e il 3 Giugno si è svolto a Tirana, in Albania, il MurAL Fest, durante il quale 13 artisti hanno realizzato le loro opere sugli edifici della capitale con messaggi interessanti.

Questi murales sono un invito per tutti quelli che vogliono scoprire i quartieri di Tirana e non solo il centro della città. Le opere si trovani  la maggior parte in via  Myslym Shyri, via Durazzo Rotonda, l’incrocio di  21 Dicembre, via  Sami Frasheri ecc.

Visia Tirana ha fotografato alcuni murals ed opere di street  e vi propone  questa galleria da ammirare!

 Se vuoi esplorare da solo, ecco il link della mappa.

Arti Murali a Tirana Albania

Street Art  Tirana Albania

Street Art Tirana Albania

Street Art a Tirana Albania

Street Art Tirana Albania

Street Art Tirana AlbaniaStreet Art Tirana Albania


2500 athletes competed in 3 categories at Tirana Marathon 2019

The fourth edition of the Tirana Marathon marked a great record, with more than 2,500 runners, professionals and amateurs from over 42 different countries around the world. The main streets and boulevards of the capital were in function of the largest sporting event in the country.

Tirana Marathon 2019 winners

Tirana Marathon is not just a sporting event, but a great event that spread messages about healthy lifestyle, as well as a very good promotion to the capital with participants from 42 different countries around the world.

Under the care of the Municipality of Tirana and certified by the International Athletics Federation - IAAF, the Marathon this year brought a strong sporting competition, in three different categories, "We too", "Half Marathon" (21, 0975 km) and " Tirana 10K ”.

Tirana Marathon 2019 winners

The winner of the Men's Half Marathon (21, 0975km) was Kenyan athlete Laban Cheruiyot, who made it in 1:06:44, while female Kenyan athlete, Christine Moraa Oigo, accomplished it for the time 01:20:32.

In the men's 10K Tirana race winner was again another Kenyan athlete, Hillary Kiptum Maiyo Kimaiyo with the time 00:29:57. Meanwhile, the winner of the women record was announced the Albanian athlete, Luiza Gega with the time 00:33:42, which managed to break the national record again with 25 seconds.

Tirana Marathon 2019 winners

Half Marathon Winners 21, 0975 Km- Male category


  1. Laban Cheruiyot                Kenya    01:06:44.323
  2. Evans Kipngetich Tanui Kenya    01:06:47.584
  3. Moses Kipruto Kibire    Kenya    01:10:32.679



Half Marathon Winners 21, 0975 Km- Female category



  1. Christine Moraa Oigo      Kenya          01:20:32.936      
  2. Gladys Jepkurui Biëott Kenya          01:24:53.098      
  3. Anna Pedrazzini Albania 01:30:28.526



Winners of Tirana 10K- male category


  1. Hillary Kiptum Maiyo Kimaiyo Kenya    00:29:57.276
  2. David Nikolli            Italy         00:30:06.888           
  3. Ndiwa Kipkurui Sakon Kenya    00:30:11.966



Winners of Tirana 10k -female category


  1. Luiza Gega Albania            00:33:42.203  
  2. Cveta Trajce           Albania            00:36:43.047  
  3. Relaksa Dauti Albania            00:38:48.040



Winners of “We Too” category


  1. Dovlet Gjangolli Albania               00:08:15.090          
  2. Erblin Karaj Albania     00:08:42.289          
  3. Saimir Ustabeqiri Albania                00:08:51.109