The Good Cave tour in Tirana

  • The Good Cave,” also known as “Shengjergji Cave”, is located in the village of Besh-Livadh of Tirana. It is situated on Mount Brrari in its north-eastern part. The road from Tirana passes through Shtishtufina and continues through the Arber road until it passes Tujani Mountain. The 2/3 of the road is asphalted and continues on the rural road. The cave is positioned at a considerable altitude from the village of Besh-Livadh.

    It is marked with signs, but it is difficult to find it alone. With the help of guides or residents of the area, it is simpler because there are a lot of small caves in the area that can confuse you. It is a cave with depths over 150 m and heights from 2 to 10 meters. The cave has stalactites and stalactites of different shapes and sizes. There are some types of bats sheltering in it.

    According to the locals, the cave was deeper but was damaged and had become smaller in its actual size. It has served as a pagan place where rituals are made. It is called a “good cave” because the legend says the water springs have healing and magical powers. At the cave entrance are placed some containers that fill up from the water that falls from above. People go there to be cured of illness and “bad eye,” etc., drinking from the “good water” or washing themselves with that water.

    On St. George’s Day, “Dita e Shen Gjergjit” (June 6th), residents of the surrounding area go and spend a night in the cave, make sacrifices, and bake meat in the fires. People from different beliefs have stories linked to this “good cave.” It is also a perfect place for mountain climbing lovers.

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