Tërkuzë Canyon tour in Tirana

  • Have you heard about Terkuze Canyon in Tirana?  It is another yet undiscovered place around Tirana, located in the village of Priska e Vogel. The road to the canyon is partly asphalted and partially with gravel. This is the same road that leads you to Bovilla reservoir, but the canyon comes before the lake. The canyon is about 1200 meters long (1.2 km) and represents a geological formation on limestone cliffs. This formation is a mountain relief shaped from the waters of “Terkuze River” for centuries. The water passes through funnels and hollows and creates a fascinating view. During summer you can swim in the river of Terkuza, also you can do climbing and hiking towards the river stream or backwards, depends on your choice and strength. During autumn you can see the most scenic views, a splash colors in nature. To visit this place, you need a guide, or a local to show you the road.



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