Flying over Erzen River with Zipline Albania

  • One of the most amazing experiences you will find in Tirana, Zipline Albania will take you on Zip flight over Erzen River leaving behind Petrela Castle. It’s a safe activity recommended without restriction for all ages over 10 years old. A flight with Zipline Albania, with a spectacular view, where on one side rises the magnificent Petrela Castle, and below the Erzeni River and the magnificent green hills. It is the longest Zipline line in the Balkans, about 1 km long and only a few km away from Tirana and among the 10 longest in Europe.

    There are two ways to go to Zipline Albania. Or stop at the Zipline terminal on the secondary road opposite the ‘Octopad’ restaurant. Or take the Petrela road, and stop right at the mountain station where your zipline adventure starts. It’s very easy to spot, on the left where to stop, as are all the Zipline logo ads.

    It is recommended to park at the terminal station, as parking is guaranteed and it is easier for you to take the car back home when you finish the descent. There you will find a Zipline Albania car that takes you up to Petrela, to the starting point of the flight.

    Zipline is super accessible by any means. And with public buses going to the surrounding villages, including Petrela, Mullet and beyond.

    The ticket price is very reasonable for such a remarkable experience, only 15 euros / person.


    Rruga Petreles, Petrelë, Albania


    Everyday from 10.00-19.00

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