Cave of Pellumbas tour in Tirana

  • The drive from Tirana to the village of Pellumbas takes about 45 minutes. Then you walk 2 km up the trail that leads to “Shpella e Zeze” or “The Black Cave of Pellumbas”. The view from the trail is spectacular, with the mountainside dropping down into the canyon of Erzen River. The village of Pellumbas is located approximately 20 km southeast of Albania’s capital city, Tirana. It can be found by traveling on the highway towards Elbasan, turn left in Ibë Village and then continue to Pëllumbasi cave.

    The Cave of Pellumbas, or the Black Cave (Shpelle e Zezë), is about an hour hike outside the village of Pellumbas. The cave itself is approximately 360 meters deep, and inside are impressive stalagmites and stalactites, as well as bats flying around the cave. Only five caves like this are found through Europe. Unlike the similiar caves, this one has even the remains of the human culture which belong to the Paleolithic period until the Medivial Period. The inside of the cave is completely dark after single upon entrance. 40,000 years ago the cave was a home to ancient cave bears. It was later used as a settlement for ancient humans during the Middle Paleolithic period. During the World Wars, the cave was kept secret and used as a hiding spot for the villagers. In more recent years, the cave has become a day trip for both foreign and Albanian visitors.

    Located just 27 kilometres southeast of Tirana


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