Independence and Flag Day 2023

The Independence Day, also known as Albanian Flag Day, is observed on 28 November. This is the most crucial day in the history of Albanians, where we commemorate the declaration of Albanian independence from Ottoman rule in 1912.

On 28 November 1912, 83 delegates from all parts of Albania met at Vlorë, where our leader, Ismail Qemal, declared Albania an independent state. He raised the same flag that Gjergj Kastriot Skenderbeu raised on 28 November 1443 in Kruja.

It is the same flag, so this day is also known as Flag Day and is celebrated by all Albanians worldwide.

Every 28 November, Albanians raise their flag in their windows and balconies. Many events are planned yearly, but the center of celebrations remains Vlora city.


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