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Albania has produced some very talented performers that have become famous outside of Albania, including opera singers Inva Mula and Ermonela Jaho, instrumentalists Tedi Papavrami and Shkelzen Doli, and ballet dancers Ilir Kerni, Eno Peçi, Klejdi Kadiu and Ambeta Toromani, among others. For outstanding achievement in the field of ballet, the national ballet troupe and its soloists have been awarded honorary degrees, many prizes and various medals by the Albanian state and international institutions. The National Theatre of Opera and Ballet and the National Ensemble (or TKOBAP) has brought many artists to the Albanian and world stages. It was only after the collapse of communism in Albania that its artists had the opportunity to show their talents on world stages. The ballet troupe performs classical and modern Albanian and international ballets

The National Ensemble of Songs and Dances undertakes the recording and analysis, development and dissemination of Albanian’s ancient and contemporary folk music and dance, including its range of musical instruments and choreography. Traditional costumes and choruses are the key elements in the ...


The National Symphony Orchestra, with its 60 instrumentalists, has performed in Tirana and on stages around the world, with conductors, instrumentalists, singers and dancers from Albania and from abroad. Famous international composers and conductors have highly appreciated the professionalism of the ...


TKOBAP is the largest theatre in the country, and its two entities are resident in a fairly new building built in 1953. This theatre has helped develop art in the capital city, as prior to 1953 the singers and dancers had no residence. Located in Skanderbeg Square, the Opera and Ballet belongs to a network ...



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