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  • American Hospital in Tirana Albania

The Hospital started its activity in 2006 with a team composed of 72 MDs, nurses and officers graduated or trained in Albania, Europe, Turkey and the U.S. Well known professors of Cardiology and Cardiovascular surgery from Turkey joined the team from the beginning.

During its first year, the Hospital served patients with cardiac problems in Albania and beyond. As result the number of cardiac patients leaving Albania to get treated abroad reduced by 85% during the first year, many patients also came from Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia to get operated and treated in American Hospital in Tirana.

The central laboratory of American Hospital offers a wide range of 760 single examinations; biochemical, microbiological, immunological, histopathological, etc. The lab is monitored per international standards and all the primary equipment is backed up in order to offer fail-safe, 24 hour service in the event of any equipment failure.

American Hospital has three hospitals in Tirana, one in Durres, one in Fier and one in Pristina Kosovo.

American Hospital has offered 24 hour emergency service to its patients from December 2008. With its ambulances and access to medical helicopters provided under contract by the Ministry of Defense, American Hospital is able to transport patients from within and outside of Tirana and outside of Albania.

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Address: Pranë S.U.T, Rruga Lord Bajron, Tirane

 Tel: 04 235 7535