Roots move-Rrajet levizin

    rrajet levizin, Albanian theater by Ernest Koliqi,Metropol theater rrajet levizin, Albanian theater by Ernest Koliqi,Metropol theater

The roots move ... they move in our memory or stop us from touching the wild time. So Ernest Koliqi prophesies and accepts and complements more fervently ... the gift of seeing with the eyes complements what he has ... Shkodra in 197 ... It seems like the routine of another day, where Roza and Pashko, a couple who have been living in a rented house in Sinadina for a long time, have taken over this building in front of Andreas and Ganxha. Unhappy marital life to limit the worlds Select Rozės dialogue with her sister Lina! Despite Lina's peaceful nature, a religious and solar girl, Roza self-proclaims in complaints against her husband as soon as she announces the name of her ... old race. Iza, the character described as divine, untouchable, inaccessible to the female characters themselves, still without entering the stage creates oscillations in the characters and others. She is the daughter of the owner of the house, the poet officially expelled from the country's prejudice. This way of biographical drama is revealed to us in three temporal dimensions. Iza with the eyes of the meeting brings us back to the former panorama of the house, inviting the residents of its service to participate. Pashko finds himself ... A man who can look more and direct another, he may be the best with a curtain that today he loves so easily under the sound of the poems that Iza brought from the past

Author: Ernest Koliqi
Director: Rozi Kostani
As / Director: Benada Mulla
Actress: Kristina Doda, Marjus Dhrami, Ketjona Pecnikaj, Rozi Kostani, Bruno Shllaku, Pamela Taraboshi
Costume designer: Suzana Bodinaku
Scenographer: Laid Ymeri    

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