Red Balloon

    Red balloon, Albanian theater for children Tirana Red Balloon, Albanian theater for children

The performance  "Red Balloon" by Barry Kornhauser comes  this weekend on the Metropol Theater channel on youtube for the little spectator. This theatrical performance which talks about a man and a red balloon comes to his words but good pantomimes. The only moving character in this play is the Elder, who does not speak before, as he has nothing more to say. The event takes place in the minimalist and desirable apartment of the Elder in Paris. He may not have forgotten how to talk, but he forgot how to play. His life is quiet and sad, and he has accepted living. The sadness in his steps to fill any opportunity, has no contrast with the characteristics of the balloon, which is energetic, vivid, carefree and quite playful. All these are enough  to break the hardness of the elder. This show leaves a mark on the rediscovery of the distribution of joy and happiness.

Tittle : "Red Balloon"
Author: Barry Kornhauser
Director: Roerd Toçe
Interpreters: Erdet Miraka

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