Summer Day- National Holiday

Summer day, or Dita e Verës is a traditional, pagan, Albanian holiday observed on March 14, celebrating the change from winter to spring. It was preserved as tradition for centuries in a small city in the center of Albania, Elbasan. 20 years ago it was spread in all over the country and now is celebrated as the most beautiful festival to celebrate and welcome the spring.

In Tirana you will see many activities. All the main roads are closed, especially the boulevard, and people fill the squares and roads. It is mostly celebrated with picnic into the nature and housewifes cooks something special which is called "bollokume". Many people usually wear a traditional bracelet called Verore (a word derived from summer) made of two thin braided strings usually red and white. The calendar of Activities will be published soon. 


14 March 2020

from 10.00h- 20.00h

Tirana Albania 

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