‘The last meters’ exhibition by Edit Pula in Tirana

Edit Pula (J) artwork is part of Kalo’s collection since 2010. Invited by the gallery to show her work as part of Tirana Design Week, THE LAST METRES is an exhibition curated by the artist herself that draws attention to the temporary resting spaces of artwork, particularly in relation to what is left of Edit’s signature work Wallpaper Paintings.

Resting spaces refers to a space that allows the work to raise up for dignified standing, a space where the monumental scale of rolled up sponge-brush painted wallpaper, in this case, takes a new meaning and becomes a meditative experience.

In 1998, Edit painted more than 100 meters of vintage British wallpaper found in rolls in the corners of second-hand shops for the final show of her postgraduate studies at Byam Shaw School of Art and Design in London.

But what happens to the work once out of temporary exhibition space?

After leaving from and returning to many countries, packed in and out of exhibition rooms, transported on ship decks, airplanes, cargos, unrolled at collectors salons, wrapped up again for storage, what you see are the remaining fragments - the cut, the scratched, the creased LAST METRES of this entire rolled up story.

The scale, the subdued hues and the delicate texture of the old paper, make these paintings look like skin in search of a body.

Edit Pula (J) is an artist /curator from Tirana. Her most recent artistic and curatorial work is focused on Albanian heritage, using it as a material for threading a contemporary expression. While painting remains constant practice her latest projects have been site-specific installation and participatory art projects, aiming to bridge a dialog between the past and present. For more on her work http://harabel.com.al/?s=edit+pula

October 6, at 7:00 PM-9:00 PM

Galeria Kalo


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