Tourism is Culture

Tourism is Entertainment ... The Full Sail ateliet is dedicated to the exhibition-promotional activities that highlight a comprehensive movement with strong environmental marks, and by creating through them the benefits of Tourism and Farming, cultural tourism and then patriotic tourism. What is the literary tourist, the "peaceful persecutor" of the favorite writer, always ready to experience the atmosphere and cultural suggestions that have managed to convey Literature. Alongside him, another public, with curious and independent mentality, good ability to spend leisure time with culture, always attentive to the young women of a country, withdraws from Albania recognizing a notable tourist development as part of the Travel Catalogs throughout Europe. This would be special of "Tourism Ateliers", as called "in the game", the medium - high tourist, prepared and not sporadic, domestic and international, of all ages and classes. Thus, "Ateliets" are open to Operators and Touristic Entities, to lead this category of target, in search of literary landscapes and "green". They are also invited to promote updated packages targeting literary and environmental itineraries; Sometimes, though without literary claims, such works thanks to spontaneity help rediscover lost and forgotten landscapes, cultures and traditions of craftsmanship, working with housewives in their natural freedom.

29 May at 11:00 – 31 May at 20:00

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