Poetry Slam by Goethe-Zentrum

    Poetry Slam by Goethe-Zentrum

3.05 / 19:00 / Hostel Destil

Sebastian is German-speaking poetry slam champion in singles and team competitions and this not the only reason why he is a non plus ultra of

European poetry slam history. For more than a decade, he has been joking, rhyming,

philosophizing and fabulating at the highest level through the spoken word, comedy and

cabaret stages of Europe, through radio and television and into the minds and hearts of his audience.

He is wearing a cap and was awarded the Prix Panthéon and he will be opening his poetic Pandora

box at Hostel Destil in Tirana for us on 23.05 at 19:00.


admission free

Language: German

This event is organised by Goethe-Zentrum