Fije Bari- International Cultural Festival in Tirana Albania

‘Fije bari’ International Cultural Festival, a proposal by Klik Ekspo Group in cooperation with the ‘ Dritero’ Publishing House, is a genre of Green Literature Festival, with the aim of leaving space for new forms of education, cultural, artistic, tourist, but also from a more warm and romantic point of view, education and love for the homeland and Nature. The festival will take place on May 3 - 6, at the National History Museum and Skanderbeg Square.

The International Cultural Festival "Fije Bari" recalls the focus of rediscovering love for the Earth through Green Literature and Romans. Romantic authors have a strong connection with Nature, Earth, Homeland, and the new genre of Green Romantics, see Globe as a common homeland.

Date: 3-6 May 2019

Location: National History Museum, Tirana, Albania

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