Literature on the Move is the motto of the third Tirana International Literature Festival “The White Sea II“, 26-28 October 2017. Authors from Albania, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Macedonia, and Sweden are invited to dialogue with each-other and the wider public, youth, students and those passionate of literature. For more information regarding former editions please visit www.literaturefest.com. This motto aims to give authors the opportunity to confess their literary and geographical journey: Literature on the Move, Mobility Challenges, Migration, Travel and Arrival. Journey is the desire to part, the wish to gain knowledge and to challenge the unknown, some form of entity, far or near, which attracts us to reach our Ithaca. The aim of this festival is to open a dialogue with the public regarding these themes and these human fates, which in the last 27 years have experienced an internal and external drive, demographic movements, and migration. Especially the young Albanian public needs these kinds of perceptions coming from various European countries. In this way, the festival intends to turn into an open auditorium between the guests and the public to reflect on contemporary literature and art in the political, social and cultural changes that our countries pass. TILF 2017 is organized by IDMC (Institute for Democracy, Media & Culture) in collaboration with the Allianz Culture Foundation (Berlin) and the Albanian Ministry of Culture. The festival is also supported by various institutions such as National Museum, National Theatre, National Library, University of Tirana (Department of Literature and the Faculty of Foreign Languages), Embassies of Austria, Germany etc. On Thursday evening we will begin with a panel discussion featuring all authors at the National Theatre of Tirana. On Friday and Saturday (morning) the program will consist of readings and discussions with the authors. Each author will read relevant texts in their original language; if necessary, it will be translated to Albanian language. Authors invited 2017 Andrea Grill (Austria) Daniela Danz (Germany) Entela Tabaku Sörman (Sweden/ Albania) Jürgen Banscherus (Germany) Karl – Markus Gauß (Austria) Muriel Barbery (France) Nikola Madzirov (Macedonia) Roland Sejko (Italy/Albania) Rudi Erebara (Albania) Thanas Medi (Albania/Greece)

Date: 26-28 October  

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