‘Returned works’ at the National Gallery of Arts

Some of the best art works of Albanian painters and sculptors were shown this month in the National Art Gallery in Tirana. The exhibition named: “Returned works” was opened from 21 July- 25 August showing a rare collections of 45 paintings and 9 sculptures of famous Albanian artists.

Exhibition in Tirana

This Sunday, 13 August, the entrance was free, as a possibility for all people to know these art works which were saved and returned to the National Gallery.

They consist in some pieces of art found in different offices and institutions. Some of them needed hard work to be restored and curated in order to be presented for the public in their original shape.

Exhibition in Tirana

The dramatic changes Albania faced after collapsing of communist regime, impacted the rich heritage of paintings and art works of Albanians artists in years. Some of the best art works of Albanian artists ended up in dirty magazines, not respecting any standards of preserving, some were damaged, and some other are totally disappeared, or sold outside the country.

These art works belongs to 90 talented artists of Albania in the last century such as: Vangjush Mio, Abdurrahim Buza, Zef Kolombi, Sadik Kaceli, Angjelin Dodmasej, Zef Shoshi, Guri Madhi, Danish Jukniu, Odise Paskali, Agim Zajmi, Qamil Grezda, Sali Shijaku, Ismail Lulani, Kel Kodheli, Skënder Kamberi, Petro Kokushta, Hasan Nallbani, Agim Faja, Bashkim Ahmeti, Mustafa Arapi, Besim Golemi, Nikolin Ivanaj etc. At least 66 art works of these artists were found and restored and were part of this exhibition.  When you see these art works you instantly feel as going back to history of Albania, starting from old cities with their characteristic houses and folk costumes to traditional dance, from portraits of our national heroes, such as Ismail Qemali, to partisan war and the life during communist regime.

Exhibition in Tirana

These works are unique, and is great that they are part of National Art Gallery of Tirana. We are lucky to have such great painters, and all the new generations should know this precious heritage.

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