What to do in July in Tirana

July is hot, but you can experience a lot, because Tirana is a city that never sleeps.

This month is usually the hottest month in Albania. And if you decide to visit Tirana this period you have to prepare for high temperatures up to 40 degree Celsius.  The municipality issued some warnings for citizens during this month . The most important one, is to avoid activities in 11.00-15.00 especially elderly people and children.

But despite the heatwave, the city is very vivid, and there are plenty of activities where you can spend your time and your holidays in Tirana.

What to do in July in Tirana

We suggest you to wake up early morning and visit some of main attraction of Tirana, the Skanderbeg Square, the Museum, Clock Tower, and all other places along the Martyr’s Boulevard. In midday  it is better to find a cool place, in a nice bar, or restaurant, or in your hotel.  In Tirana there are many bars offering  fresh cocktails (see a list bars) , or you can have a good lunch in many restaurants, or in suburbs of Tirana, close to Erzeni River, or close to the Artificial Lake. You may go to Dajti Mountain, by car or cable car, where you can spend some hours amid trees and mountains. To fresh up, Tirana has lots of places  where you can go swimming .

What to do in July in Tirana

In afternoon we suggest you get a walk around  Tirana, at Skanderbeg Square, Tajvani center or Bllok Area, where you can mix with locals. Here you can get a feeling of how people of Tirana live their life, how they talk, learn about  their tradition. Here people stay out until late hours. So the parks, the bars, the squares are full of people.

While late at night you can go to Blloku Area, experience the nightlife of Tirana, and see the modern part of this European country.

What to do in July in Tirana

During the weekend Tirana is almost empty, since most of citizens use the short distance with Adriatic Sea, and go to the beach to escape the heat.


If you visit Tirana in July there are some events where you can participate. Every Wednesday at 6.30 you can go for an open space free yoga at Big Park, Artificial Lake.

Art Gallery is open during the whole  month, and you can visit the exhibition “Children's World” which lasts until 30 of July.

 A special event is The Gumball 3000 Rally, which is back in Tirana after 10 years. It is an annual rally automotive road trip taking place every year and travelling a different 3000 mile route in some countries. In Tirana it takes place on 5th July.

At the Cloud art installation (Reja) are a lot of activities almost every night, and the entrance is always free, so you can hear the music walking by and just enter and be part of them.

What to do in July in Tirana

If you love to watch movies in open air then we have the best option for you; every Thursday night at 21:00 at Rinia Park you can watch the most famous movies. All you have to do is to  find a place to sit and have some popcorns or the drink of your choice and enjoy.

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